Sustainability Group



policy consultation 

Embedding Sustainability

designing for social impact

Share wants your company to succeed for the right reasons. We also want this for every company in the world. We're here to help you do do your part. 

We'll work with your key leaders and decision-makers to embed Social Impact Policy into the vision of your company while also making it sure it satisfies your economic bottom line.

professional development

education and skill building

learning to impact

Share curates team retreats specifically tailored to the clients' industry. The retreat drives employees to solve imminent problems inside and outside of the company.

The retreat is designed to make your team think in terms of social impactful and synergy as they're tasked with coming up with solutions to various hypothetical problems. These catastrophe-prevention scenarios are a form of innovation training to prepare your team to spot problems - and respond - sooner rather than later.


We offer a host of adult-friendly workshops for companies who are looking for fun and enriching ways to learn about social impact. 

intrepreneurship  incubation

Going Beyond R&D

finding your entrepreneurs

The incubator is an employee-focused innovation program focused. 

We start by putting your top 10 employees through our sequestered 12 week program. At the end they’ll present 10 ideas that they’ve worked on - metrics, projects, etc - and company leaders can choose what they like. As their ideas evolve we accelerate their build-out by pushing them past stakeholders and connecting them with global entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The activities and content in each tier builds upon the previous to ensure that your teams’ ideas grow fruit as quickly as possible. The goal is to refit existing infrastructure, systems and practices by embedding sustainability where it counts.