Sustainability Group

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Story

Share Sustainability is a consultancy group led by a team of entrepreneurs aimed at positioning companies to better deliver on the social and environmental bottom line. 


To accelerate the pace to a sustainable future by helping companies do more good.


To live in a world without the threat of environmental and social disaster.


Help everyone we can take a step towards sustainability and regeneration, everyday.


Sustainable Communities:

What makes a community is its ability to support and maintain life. Our work promotes education, entrepreneurship, public service accessibility, and sustainable infrastructure.

Sustainable Businesses:

The most successful businesses are those that can run the long race - to run the world must thrive. We curate timeless businesses by strengthening the relationships between the people that live where they operate and the ecosystems that they depend on.


Developed and piloted the resource and service distribution network Vocal in Brooklyn, NY. The app is still being built.

Built peer-networks in New York to increase the service capacity for over 30 schools, CBOs, and non-profit organizations.